Have you ever heard of a camel quilt? How to identify the quality?

The camel quilt is made of camel hair as a production material, which has the functions of windproof, coldproof and warm.


“Camel” is the fluff taken from the belly of a camel. Because of its limited production, it is second only to cashmere. cheap weighted blanket 20 lbs. Because the camel hair fiber has a hollow bamboo-like structure, which is conducive to the storage of air, the camel quilt/blanket has excellent warmth and breathability. Plus the length of camel is better than cashmere, which makes the camel blanket more durable.

Washing and Maintenance of Cashmere Quilt

  1. In general, camel quilts do not need to be cleaned. To prevent the quilt from getting dirty, cover the quilt when using it. If it is determined to be cleaned, please send it to the dry cleaner.
  2. The fabric of the camel quilt is treated with anti-velvet. Even a small hole will make the camel hair escape. Therefore, be careful when using it to avoid the quilt being pierced by sharp objects.
  3. Choose a sunny weather, dry the quilt in a well-ventilated place with no direct sunlight, and take the best time from 10 am to 3 pm. It is best to remove the quilt when drying.
Lennon Wool Basket Weave Brown Camel Blanket

The advantages of camel quilt

The warmth of the camel quilt is very good, and it can maintain the bulkiness. From the point of view of warmth and fluffiness, only king size weighted blanket for couples has this advantage, but the down is not close to the body, there is a feeling of empty and fluttering, and some people’s skin will also be allergic to down. The camel’s blanket has a close-fitting gentleness, which is not found in duvets. Cashmere, wool, and cotton are not as warm as velvet and down. There is also a disadvantage that the felt phenomenon occurs when it is used for a long time. It is stiff and hard, and loses its fluffiness and softness.

The moisture absorption of the camel blanket is also very good. Camel has a strong moisture absorption, camel hair wool blanket is suitable for cold and humid areas and southern winter. The dry comfort of sleeping in a camel quilt is an important reason people love it. For middle-aged and elderly people with rheumatism and low back pain, camel hair is especially effective. In addition to making quilts, camel hair can also be made into cotton trousers, vests, waist and so on.

Camel wool blankets have good skin-friendly properties. Camel is a natural protein fiber with 18 chemical amino acids. weighted blanket for sale. It has no side effects when intimately contacted with the skin, so it can be worn close to the body. camel wool blanket for sale. At the same time, we recommend that consumers use pure natural animal and plant fibers when purchasing intimate clothes and bedding.

The difference between various materials of quilt

  • Chemical fiber quilt: airtight, moisture-tight, static electricity, warmth, easy to feel stuffy.
  • Cotton quilts & wool quilts: the human body feels wet and sticky, free fibers are easy to enter the respiratory tract, easy to hide dander dust and mites, easy to knot.
  • Duvet: warm, breathable, soft but not close to the body, easy to produce odor, feathers are easy to be drilled from the gap, not suitable for allergies.
  • Silk quilt: Breathable, moisture-free, static-free, comfortable and close-fitting. But easy to knot, need to be demolished every year, maintenance is extremely difficult.
  • Camel quilt: light, fluffy, soft and comfortable, strong warmth, good elasticity, no odor, anti-insect, and good adjuvant treatment for waist and leg pain and rheumatism.